Good Omens – a short review

I saw a commercial for this series the weekend after it came out so my wife, mother in law, and myself sat down to watch it. It started out pretty formulaic and halfway through I was pretty sure what was going to happen next so I went outside to finish a woodworking project. That night I checked in with the wife and found out that I had pretty much guessed it right.  I wrote it off in my head and forgot about it for the next few weeks.

It popped up in my feed so I figured that I would go ahead and finish that first episode to see just how close my guesses were.  It ticked off all of my boxes but in entirely unexpected ways.  I found that intriguing and decided to watch the next episode.

As I watched each one I started to enjoy it more and more.  I have now watched the final episode at least a half dozen times.

The story pretty much ended how I thought it would, but the way that it got there was totally unexpected.

At first I thought that the 2 main characters were over the top and kinda campy, but by the end I thoroughly enjoyed them and knew who was who.

I give Good Omens 4 stars.

Netflix – Polar – a short review

On January 30th I watched the new NETFLIX movie Polar.
The trailer for this looked awesome.  The opening scene was great but then it started to drag a little.  Then it started to drag a lot.  Then some kickass assassin stuff happened.  Then it drug on some more.  Then some gratuitous sex, and some more assassin stuff.  The slow stuff was needed to progress the story but they just made it so damn boring.  If they took out half of the slow stuff and doubled the assassin stuff, and gave us a little more Johnny Knoxville, then it could have been a kickass movie.  If you have Netflix already I would recommend watching it once.  If you don’t have it, I would not order it just to see this movie.