Knott’s Scary Farm 2018 – Visit number 3

Once again I headed straight to the one maze that I have not made it into yet, Trick or Treat, and they had a two hour wait listed on the sign so I detoured back over to the zombie killing maze.  I got stuck behind a really slow person and only shot 6 zombies this time.  I hit up a couple more mazes and then did back to back rides on Montezooma’s Revenge.  That was really fun riding it in the dark.  I also rode Voyage to the Iron Reef for the first time.  That ride was a lot more fun than I expected.  You wear 3-D glasses and the ocean life really pops out.  Did I mention this ride has guns?  You get to shoot all the 3-D ocean life!  I’m definitely taking the family on this one the next time that we come.  Upon exiting this ride I found the Scary Farm Art Exhibit.  They had some really cool paintings and wooden art pieces there.  One of the Cub Scout dads bought the Ouija board.

I also rode the Pony Express, Coast Rider, Sierra Sidewinder, Sol Spin, and Jaguar.

After those rides and I then watched the second to last showing of The Hanging.  It always amazes me just how closely they follow their script.  There were a couple of minor changes but it was pretty much the exact same show that I saw on my first night.

I went on a couple more mazes and then checked the first maze and it still had an hour wait so I headed home around 11:00 pm.  It was a full night and I had a good time.  I’m not going to make it next week due to a Cub Scout campout the next day but you can bet that I will be there the week after!

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