Knott’s Scary Farm 2018 opening night

For the past 22 years my buddy Dave and I have been going to Knott’s Scary Farm.  It is the Halloween scary night time version of Knott’s Berry Farm.  We normally go on the last Thursday of September to capitalize on the smaller amount of people in the park.  This year one of his friends couldn’t make it on the last Thursday so we went the Thursday before not knowing that it was opening night.  They live about an hour and half from the park and I work about 15 minutes away.  We like to meet at a local restaurant named Portillos and then drive the 5 minutes to the park from there.

The park surprised us and raised the rates on the parking closest to the event from $20 to $35.  I have an annual pass this year for the park and for the Scary Farm event.  I also paid for the annual parking pass but still had to pay an additional $14 to park with my friends.  Being opening night it was much more crowded than expected.

One of the main attractions of the Scary Farm event is their Halloween themed mazes.  They usually have nine or ten mazes and Dave likes to visit them in order starting with number one.  The six of us got in line for the 1st maze and barely made it through one twist of the visible six cut backs in 30 minutes so we decided to skip ahead to number nine and backtrack.  By midnight we were able to go through all of them except for number one and we also watched their live show called The Hanging.  It is an irreverent look back on all the pop culture events of the last year and one of my favorite parts of the event.  I had to work at 8:00 am the next morning so I left at 12:00 am to make my 45 minute drive home.  The others stayed and went through the last maze.

I took some pictures with my iPhone 6s and my small Canon point and shoot camera.  I plan on going back next Thursday with my larger DSLR camera and hopefully get some better pictures.

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