I am what you call a content creator

Last night, I published a new video to YouTube.  It is 8 minutes and 32 seconds long.  I edited it after work on Tuesday and Wednesday night.  Thursday night I started it uploading to YouTube and then made the plans that I will have available for sale on my website.

I shot the footage in July & August of last year.

Coming up with an idea for a project is fun.
Designing the project in Sketchup is fun.
Building the project is fun.
Shooting the video is fun.

Editing the video is work.  Sometimes I’m in the mood to edit video and hours can pass without my noticing them.  Most of the time it is a complete drudge.

Writing scripts and recording voice overs usually takes longer than editing the video does.  That is why I rarely do them.  Every once in a while the finished video needs them so I will do it reluctantly.  I try to shoot the video so that it needs as little audio explaining as necessary.

Making the plans is boring work.  It’s not complicated, it just takes a long time.

My business model is based on 3 income sources. YouTube ads, website ads, and project plan sales.  YouTube brings in money but I try to use it to get people to visit my website.  Once there, the goal is to get them to buy a project plan.  I also sell t-shirts but I don’t spend much time on it so barely any money comes in from that right now.

My goal is to be able to retire from my day job by the time my older son graduates high school and do content creation full time.  I don’t know if it is an achievable goal or not but I look forward to the day that I only need to work one job and not feel guilty for sitting down and watching a movie at night after work instead of going up to my computer and putting in another few hours on my side hustle.

I also look forward to no longer commuting 2 to 3 hours a day.

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