Las Vegas or Bust! Day 1

One of our neighborhood friends is turning 50 this year and a bunch of us headed out to Las Vegas to help her celebrate.  Her husband rented a really big van to haul everybody in style.  Everyone was staying in Vegas from Thursday to Sunday and then heading out to Laughlin for a couple more days after that.  My wife and I had to head home in Sunday afternoon so she rode up with them and I followed in my car.

We stopped at the Barstow Del Taco for lunch.  This location is known for having Barstow Tacos, Barstow Tostadas, and Bun Tacos.  The tacos and tostadas have double the meat, double the cheese, and a full slice of tomato on them.  The bun tacos are exactly that, tacos in a bun.  I like to get the 2 Barstow Tacos meal and my wife likes the burritos.

After lunch we got back on the road.  A few miles up FWY 15 we passed Rock A Hoola waterpark.  I attended a few great Mini Truck shows there in the early 2000’s.

Once we got to Las Vegas my wife and I headed to our mini suite at the Linq Hotel and Casino.  It was one of the bigger rooms that we have stayed in and was very comfortable.  Most of the other people in our group stayed across the street at Caesars Palace, but we were able to get this room for less than half the price of getting a standard room there.  It is across the street from Caesars Palace and it took about 5 or 6 minutes to walk over there.

We relaxed in our room for about an hour and then headed across the street to hang out in the birthday girls suite on the 28th floor of Caesars Palace.  That suite was probably 4 times the size of ours and all 12 of us were able to hang out there with plenty of room to spare.

We enjoyed some adult beverages and then headed down to the Cafe Americano for a late night snack.  I cannot recommend that restaurant at all.  It was very overpriced, the food took forever to get to us, and then it wasn’t very good.   We had originally planned to hit up the Ice Bar afterwards but it ended up getting too late and we missed it.  Next time!

We headed back to our room about 1:30 am and hit the sack.

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